• J.M. van Staden-Slabbert

AGL Opera Gala Elevating People through Supporting the arts

Walking through the AGL offices on Monday morning, the atmosphere was electric and people were walking with a lift in their steps – everybody seemed filled with joy.  I asked myself why? and caught myself whistling music from the inaugural AGL Opera Gala, held the afternoon before.

One of the AGL principals we strive for, is to have maximum impact on all we come in contact with.  This impact was realized in the incredible response the AGL Opera Gala received, in terms of gratitude from the public for an excellent and beautiful experience.   This responsiveness to beauty and excellence ties into our approach of integrated excellence, and this in turn raises the moral atmosphere of the community. It has become more and more evident that businesses need to support the arts and culture to sustain corporate and community wellness.  It is an all encompassing feeling of appreciation of the inspirational talent combined with gratitude that the experience is beneficial for the artist as well as the audience, with a rollover effect on everybody’s environments, both at home and work.

The AGL Opera Gala provided such an event that had the audience raptured by the beauty and excellence of the musicians and performers’ talent.  During the performance you could feel the audience’s concentration by the absolute silence, which erupted into loud applause to let the performers know that their talent was appreciated.  This was echoed through the programme of classical opera arias and overtures, with an almost unending standing ovation after the final performance.

The event sparked a feel-good factor in many on both sides of the stage, with patrons asking immediately when this will be repeated.  The success of the Gala was reported on Facebook with the snippets of videos being viewed over 215 times, posts about the Gala liked and shared  by 80 people and wonderful accolades in the commentary.

Another memorable evening brought to you by Aquila D’oro and Butlers Catering.

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